In life it is essential to have rules to live by. Recently our marketing department has made a bi-
weekly Facebook video about real estate topics. After every session I always end my segment
with the term “STAY GOLDEN”. Funny enough, this has opened up more conversations than the
actual content at times. People ask “Why do you say Stay Golden”, “Is that from the Outsiders”
or “What’s up pony boy”. I understand the movie Outsiders reference but he actually says
“Stay Gold Pony boy”, this refers to a Robert Frost poem.

By saying STAY GOLDEN, I actually mean, stay positive, stay optimistic, and never stop doing what makes you come alive each day.

I have always been inspired by the Golden Rule which in short means to love they neighbor as thyself or treat others the way you want to be treated. In the real estate sales world this can prove to be a difficult task at times. But what I find is that I ALWAYS have the best results by treating everyone with respect. In this day and age there is a lot of negative stimuli floating around and I feel I need to be the one to bring a smile to someone’s face. A simple act like smiling, holding
a door, or just saying hello can change a person’s day.

Every year Outer Banks Blue donates their time to shake the Salvation Army Bell. This is an
event that I look forward to with pure joy. To be honest it goes to a great cause but I like doing
it for a selfish reason. It gives me an opportunity to try and put a smile on others faces or make
someone laugh. Every year Nichole and I pair up to laugh and smile and have a good time doing
it. We banter around complimenting people on their hats, singing Merry Christmas in funny
voices, spreading cheer and helping people where we can. We genuinely have a blast doing it
and we try and communicate with people to give them a spark in their day. My wife and I also
have been diligent about giving blood every 2 months which really can touch someone’s heart
of life.

There are many ways to help others and I invite all of us to find new ways to make the world a
better place. A smile can go a long way in world that needs friendly, giving people. Our positive
energy can help inspire those around us. It’s probably the simplest thing we can do and
absolutley the most rewarding. I encourage everyone to live and breathe by my mantra of

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